i nostri server di QL

Posted by T3ddyB3ar Aprile 18, 2020 in Quake Live

We have two moddated Quake Live servers equipped with a bot, the minqlx, thanks to which the Staff can administer the game and the other players can take advantage of various commands. Click here to view all bot commands. The game server is hosted in Germany, like those of Urban Terror.

The modalities are: Capture the Flag (CTF), where the only weapon available, in addition to the gauntlet, is the Rocket Launcher, and Clan Arena (CA), where all weapons are available except HMG.

Through the service offered by GameTracker you can view the status (online or offline) of our servers, as well as the ranking of players, online players and the current map. We would like to clarify that it is still possible to view a ranking of the best players directly within the game using the bot we mentioned earlier.

Our Quake Live server is shown below:

Rocket Only CTF

IP address: and port: 27950
Max. players: 16
Modality: Capture the Flag
Allowed weapons: Rocket Launcher
Enabled votes: map, nextmap, map_restart, shuffle
Maps: basesiege, beyondreality, duelingkeeps, courtyard, falloutbunker, innersanctums, rebound, japanesecastles, shiningforces, scornforge, stronghold, spacectf, troubledwaters, vortexportal, stonekeep


IP address: and port: 27951
Max. players: 16
Modality: Clan Arena
Allowed weapons: All without HMG
Enabled votes: map, nextmap, map_restart, shuffle
Maps: almostlost, asylum, blackcathedral, brimstoneabbey, campgrounds, cannedheat, castledeathstalker, chemicalreaction, cliffside, coldwar, deathorglory, deadandgone, deepinside, demonkeep, devilish, dreadfulplace, drunkenmummy, electrichead, eviscerated, evolution, eyetoeye, foolishlegacy, grimdungeons, hearth, hellsgate, henhouse, heroskeep, hiddenfortress, intervention, leftbehind, leviathan, midlifecrisis, monastery, overkill, purgatory, quarantine, realmofsteelrats, repent, retribution, revolver, seamsandbolts, servitude, shakennotstirred, smash, solid, somewhatdamaged, spacechamber, terminatria, theatreofpain, theedge, theoldendomain, threestory, thunderstruck, tornado, trinity, warehouse, wargrounds, windowpain, windsongkeep

Clicking on the banner will open the GameTracker page related to the server.

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